Dec 15, 2013

Do you believe there are only 10 more days until Christmas? Are you all done?? I am just about finished. Will wrap later today and get pkgs in the mail this week.
We um I mean I have scaled WAY back on the baking and candy making. Just a small batch of fudge for hubby and me:)
Have been losing weight nice and slow and def don't want to add a bunch back on! I gained 10 before the in laws came and then 10 more while they were here. I only have 7 more to go:) yea!!!
Got my customer quilts done last week so I get this week to do a bit of quilting for me;) I have a snowman BOM that I made last year that will get quilted this week plus a few get togethers with friends:)
Ok on with the pictures!

First up is Cam's quilt for her niece.
I SO got to play:) yea!!!
Don't know why the backing picture came up first but ain't it grand?

Here is the front:) I did a lot of dot to dot quilting I learned from Angela Walters from her Craftsy class.

Turned out just beautiful!

She wanted her name emb on the corner:)

This is Mandy's quilt for her son that wants to go to West Point:)

Just awesome!
I did a crescent and stars panto in cream.

Ok turn your head:)

Great backing!
Hubby bought a new PU so we went driving around yesterday. What a mistake as EVERYONE was out shopping! Oh well we got out of the house for a few hours:)
As soon as the last customer quilt was taken off the frame I began cleaning up and out my studio. I took 3 loads to Goodwill:) Everything looks so uncluttered and clean now:) yea!!!! I will post pictures next week:)
Have an awesome week and get those gifts done or just have a glass of wine:) haha!!!


Angela Walters said…
You did an awesome job!!

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