Dec 8, 2013

WOW Winter has SO come to Texas!!!!
Wed it was a very warm 84 and since then it hasn't been warm at all! We have had a cold blast that has left snow and ice here:( Fortunately the ground was warm and no ice on the streets but I have some beautiful icicles on the house! Suppose to be above freezing today. 19 last night and didn't get out of the 20's yesterday. At least it feels like Christmas:)
My quilting pile is dwindling so nicely:) I have 2 more for this week and one of mine and then I will be closing shop until next year:) Am looking forward to the break!
Ok on with the pictures:)
First up are ice pics:) These are not real poinsettias!

Off my in laws shed.

What I see out the front door... just turn your head sideways. Can't get it flipped:(
Now onto quilting:
This is Dot's SIL from CA's quilt. She needed it faster than her quilter could get it done so I got to quilt it:)
Once again you have to turn your head?

These pics were take outside on the 84 degree day:)

All she stated was no panto... custom. So I got to play with each part:) FUN!

Here is the backing... I heavily quilted it for her. Haven't heard yet if she liked it as Dot was going to mail it to her.

This is Elaine's Hawaiian Christmas applique.

She hand appliqued the designs.

I stippled and echoed on the designs.

Here is Jill's Modern Robot quilt.

We used a panto of squares.

She special ordered the name fabric from

It is the back.

This is Cam's Sorority Sister quilt.

She had no pattern just made it up as she went. I had done the emb earlier in the year.

Lots of feathers and loops.

Here is the back... you can see the feathers:)
I hope everybody has their house all decorated. We did a much simpler version this year. As the only ones coming will be grand daughert and her parents and they will only stay a few hours. Plus I was scared to have a real tree with the babies not ever seeing a Christmas tree before. We were in Florida last year for their first Christmas:( So here is a picture of our little tree:
It sits on our fireplace")

Jax thought he needed to have a picture taken too:)
Hope everyone has a great safe and productive week! Christmas is just weeks away!


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