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Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 9, 2013

We had glorious rain this morning!!! Almost an inch! I was just about to give in and have to water the yard:(  I did try to water the flowers in the front last week... turned the soaker hose on at 6 and then forgot about
it:( My neighbor came over and told us we had a water leak... nope after 4 hours of watering I guess it will run into the neighbor's yard and down the street? Wow! I really don't know where my mind goes some days:)

Maybe because I quilted for 4 days ???? I will not keep you in suspense anymore:)

This is another one of Elaine's Scrappy Christmas quilts:) Poor thing got attacked by a magazine and got a hemotoma on her foot. It looks like a golf ball on the top of her foot:(

I just did a Christmas panto with red and green vaiagated thread.

Here's the back...too cute!!!!


This is Dolly's Irish Cahin quilt.

What fun to quilt this one!!!! I had to mark pretty much all of it with the selected designs.

Here is a pic of the back...the only freehand were the small loops:)
It is a wedding gift.
I also quilted a baby blanket for my friend Pat and 2 Project Linus Quilts. I told Dazi she would get a few days off to rest:)
I have Bree working today:) I need to make 2 mug rugs for Father's Day which is fast approaching! The Mother In Law has a Bday on Wed so I will ship both out tomorrow....I hope! She is getting a small twsiter heart I have posted earlier.
June is a VERY busy Bday month for us!!!! There are 7 birthdays and 2 anniversarys. And that includes my birthday too:)
Hope you are all getting some sewing done this week with summer vaca starting!

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Teresa in Music City said...

Great quilting on those quilts! Love the Christmas panto!!!