Winner Winner Chicken dinner...Ok Taco dinner:)

Hi all... the title says it all:) We had our Temple Wildflower Guild Quilt Show this past weekend:) Yes I was a winner 2 times:) Yea!!!! Sure is nice to see red ribbons on your quilts!  It was also awesome to see some of the quilts I had quilted entered in the show. They were put in for their piecing and not my quilting but 1 did an honorable mention:)

My Science Fair quilt.

2nd place in Quilting:)

Cool Guys or as my hubby calls it Unique Beaks:)

2nd in Other Category

I finally got to use my gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop from my daughter for my Birthday:) Zen Chic's Paper collection:)Still haven't taken plastic off:) Don't want any drool to get on it:):)

Unfortunately that is the best news of the week! There was a full moon for the cats on Wednesday:(

1. Jax decided I needed to be up at 4:30?

2. I have a beautiful stray we have been calling baby that rode by the engine of the neighbor's truck a month or so ago and I have been feeding her. So thought it was time to catch her and see if she would integrate into the family... do you here a hesitation here? Well I caught her by the scruff of her neck and put her in studio and shut the door. Bob was in there but there were friends. Left her in here about 5 mins and then came in to check on her. She was going crazy:( Jumping and climbing everywhere:( Now for the fun part.... She jumped up and caught the printer and was going down so I grabbed her... wrong! She bit me and not a nibble either!!! I had 3 puncture wounds and one was pretty deep and bleeding VERY well:(  Bob decide he needed to get out so I opened the door and out he went but  she climbed the screen door all the way up and I chased her to the back of the studio so I could get the door propped open so she could run out. Thais was as my daughter would say a fail! Needless to say there will be no integration:( I am thinking of catching her and having neighbor take her back to his ex's house. I know she will be getting pregnant soon and I SO do not want that!!!!

3. Another stray Twinner thought I wasn't feeding him fast enough..... I was dealing with Baby... so he nibbled me:( No blood but Jeez!!!!

4.  Then Blackie came in and started fighting with MisKiti so I threw them both out:) She stayed out all night... had never done that before but I knew she would be back for breakfast... they get can food then:) She was a VERY loudly announcing her arrival:)

So I still had 4 oh wait 5 cats in the house but they were really quiet:) Wonder why:) ha ha!!!!  All was well the next day even though there was still a full moon:) Some days there are way too many cats and other days you don't ever see or hear them. Wednesday was just a day when they all were acting up.... Maybe I have too many???? No way!

Well I was quilting along and my foot bent and I needed a  new thread guide that would fit with my ruler foot so all was on hold until they all came in. They are here so back to quilting tomorrow:) Unfortunately no quilting pics as I didn't get anything finished... I have one 1/2 way done......

A VERY eventful week for sure!!!! Hope it is quieter next week!!!

Have an awesome week and sew, sew, sew!!!!!


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