Yea May!!!!!

Well I hope with May's arrival the rain will at least slow down! Most of the dams are being opened to release the excess water. We got another 3 in last week..... 1 1/2 just on Friday alone. Yup had to run in between cells and exchange the towels. Got a bit of hail with it to.... luckily it was pea sized!

Got quite a bit of quilting done this week:)

Nancy made this animal print quilt for her aunt.

I did the Featheration pantograph all over it.

The backing is perfect!

Dot made this Guitar quilt for her grandson who is graduating high school this month.

The grasshoppers in the 4 corners are because his grandfather nicknamed him that:)

Stippling and ruler work on the pinwheels. He will love it!!!!

Marlene mailed me 3 quilts and this is the first.

It is all flannel:) Love the softness! I just quilted an allover loop on it.

Made me think about feeling cooler at least:) Yes the AC was blowing at the time:)
The next one is loaded and is appliqued snowmen:)

The chemo quilt got it's binding all done:)

Jax got loaded and quilted:)

All done except binding and I found out later he has no whiskers! What a bad kitty mommy I am!

Here is a pic of the back... look at all that thread:)

Here is Puppy my daughter's hubby's dog. Wanted to get him all fused so I can take him to Dallas this weekend and find his background:) I have another picture ready to start when he is done:) Think I am really liking these!!!

My BOM. Of course didn't open the new ones that came before these were done but they are now open and on the to do list:)

MIL Mother's Day pillow all done:)

Have been catching up on handwork the past few nights:) With the binding on the chemo and Jax quilts:)  I also have all the hexie shapes finished so am now basting black and then whites so I can out that one all together:) I am also xstitching a beautiful cross. Had to purchase a magnifying glass that sits on your chest so I can see the linen and also look up and see the tv. It even has a light:) Works pretty good! Now I need one for the chart!! May have to get it blown up... why do they make everything so darn small????

Well enjoy the week.... cooler temps and sunny skies are forecast here:) yea!!!!


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