May almost over.....

What a week!

KoKo went in on Monday at 8 am and they did blood work and another xray. Her liver and white cell count was VERY high:( No change on her xray. Brought her home. Tuesday back at 8 am again:( She stayed all day and finally got her ultrasound done around 4. There was something either in or on her stomach and by her liver:( She stayed over night:( They did an endoscopic procedure on her Wednesday at about noon. They pulled a hairball and a pom pom... yes a pom pom out of her stomach. No surgery needed:) yea!!!! She is back to normal but has a naked tummy:) Still on 3 different antibiotics and has to go back in 3 weeks for blood work but we all think it will be normal:) yea!!!! I have now shelled out $4500 to the vet for MisKiti and KoKo this year:( UGH!!!! But I have my KoKo:)
Here is KoKo with her naked belly:) She loves it rubbed:)

Helping put binding on:)

Hubby is on vacation this week. Of course we are short on funds so will just do a few day trips and just spend time together:) Our 35th wedding anniversary is Monday:) Wow!

I got a bunch of quilting done this week... stress will do that to me:)

First is Sarah's Lone Star quilt.

LOVE it!!! Almost didn't give it back to her... almost:) ha ha!!!

She wanted a medallion type of quilting in the open areas. I immediately thought feathers and boy was I right!!! Just gorgeous!!!!


Becky made this orange quilt at her daughters request. I of course fell in love with the Kitties:)

Just loops all over.....

But the cats got special treatment:)

Here they are on the back:) Just adorable!!!!

This is #1 t shirt quilt of Shelley's.

I quilted loops all over and did a scrappy binding. There is a second one in the works:) They are camp quilts for her granddaughters.

Alisa made this really cute quilt for her future step granddaughter:)

Did curlz all over.

You can really see them on the brown minkee type fabric on the back:)

For the future step grandson.

Just tight stippling all over.

Love her fabric choices in both!

My plan.....

For Kathi D's quilt:)

Thought it turned out wonderful! Another challenge quilt. Black and white and another color:) She still has stuff to ad but it looks awesome!

Paws on the back:) sweet!!!!

Hope to get a little bit of quilting done on the days we are home next week:) Can't just stop for a week! What that is just crazy!!!!!

Spent yesterday with son and his family. We went to the local fest... Rabbit Fest. They rode a lot of rides... my son and the 4 year old. The 1 year old fell asleep so Nana got to push her around:) I remember why we don't go to these things anymore.... too many people, too hot, and there really isn't anything interesting for us older folks:) ha ha!!! The kids had fun and we were with them so we had fun too:)

Have an awesome week!!!!!


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