May showers continue:)

Yes we have been getting more rain. It is a blessing and also a curse. We either get to little or way too much! Like the 2 1/2 in we got one night:( We have the chance to get 4 in this week... mostly in one day yet again:( Too much at one time! The rivers, streams and lakes are nice and full:) Unfortunately some are too full. Of course in another month we will be complaining we have had no rain:) Life is funny!!! Can't we ever be satisfied?

I have connected with my son and his family again:) There were words and actions and then nothing for over a year. I wrote a letter of apology. I hope it lasts for the sake of my grand daughters:) So I am in a happy place. Tried same approach with my parents but nothing yet. I have to just assume that it is their choice. I have no regrets and have peace of mind:)

My Koko is sick again.. or else never over what she had. I took her in on Thursday and she got fluids. Friday no better:( So pu prescription that will keep her from throwing up and she is also on Pepcid. She is real nauseous. Well got home, gave her the pill and she threw up:( Twice and lots:( So took her back and they gave her a shot that helps with the throwing up and also a pain reliever.  Did eat a bit on Sat and then I took her in for her fluids... I just couldn't do it:( I was a stressed out mama Friday... you know the mascara streaked face mama? So the other vet knew of her case and reviewed all her ex-rays and they have no idea:( Maybe gall bladder or early renal disease? So tomorrow early I drop her off to get more ex rays to compare to her others, more blood work and also a ultrasound of her belly. She has been in a great mood most of yesterday and today. Eating lots and playing some. Even grooming instead of hiding. I am glad she is better so they can actually see what her results are. This vet said that with overweight cats some will store most of their fat on one side and that is probably why her intestines were all on one side. Crazy!
I hope it's something simple and they can fix her up:) Please send prayers her way!!!

I did get some quilting done in between all the vet visits and I went to Bee.

Monica had Carolla make this one for her. She had all the fabrics just not the time:)

I got to custom quilt it:)

Love this pattern and if I needed... yea right:)... another Texas quilt this one is the one for me:)

Back showing all the quilting:) She is moving to El Paso for a few years... her hubby is in the Army. Will miss her and her new baby!

Diane and I were in a group and we all made this quilt. I gave mine to MIL this year. Diane finally got hers done to quilt and picked me:)

What fun to quilt every row differently!

Love the quilt and of course the quilting:)

I kinda went wild with feathers in all areas:) Love them in the flowers:) First time for that!

Here is the back.

The next 2 BOM's are done:)

I have quite a few quilts in the closet so am planning to be home almost all week so hope to get a few more done:) So thankful for my customers and their beautiful quilts:)

Have an awesome week!!!


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