Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter!!!!Hope you re all having an eggcellent day!
Just the 2 of us and a nice quiet day of rest after the very busy week! I had lunch bunch, flooding, and Bee this week so wasn't home but 2 days.

Did get quilting done:)

This is Janice's friends Feathered Star quilt. Just a beautiful traditional quilt!!!

She wanted it custom and I did that for sure!!! It has the most bobbin thread in it ever... can you guess how many?

There were lots and lots of feathers involved... very traditional!

Even the 17 in borders had feathers and bead board to fill in.

The corner had the bead board effect.

Here is a great picture of the back where you can really see all the quilting!

A closeup of the feathered star... think you saw that last week:)

And the feather border.

Also the bead board corner. There 35 bobbins in it:) Yup that's a lot!!!

We had a torrential storm pass through Monday night... 5 and a half inches and I think 3 ended up in the studio:( We moved the smaller cabinets so we could vacuum up the water and then placed fans on the areas all day and overnight.

You can see the water stain on one of the bigger cabinets:(

It ran all the way down the wall and puddled at the end:( What a mess!!!!
The good news is the next day everything was dry and put back. Glad it doesn't happen that often!!!

Then I loaded one of Jean's quilts for a grand son.

She wanted the loop panto with gray thread.

Love the way it turned out! I have her other quilt loaded and started... you will see it next week!

This is the Lucy Boston Crosses quilt so far:) I have it all laid out and have began connecting the first row with those little 1 inch fussy cut squares... yup crazy:) haha!!!

Lisa made these for our Boutique at the quilt show this July and Rosemary bought me this one:) Too cute!!!! There should be more at the show in case you wish to buy a few:)

MIL went in the hospital on Thursday... yet another UTI and high blood sugar. She stayed until Saturday afternoon. So with Hubby and SIL there to get her out I had time to emb a few blocks for one of the grand daughters quilt.
Hope to get a few done each week and get it done before Christmas:)

Hope you all have an awesome week!!!
I will be home most of the week so should get a few things done:)


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