What a great way to end March!!!

Had SO SO much fun this weekend!!! We left... we meaning Pat and I.... Thursday late afternoon and headed to Dallas. Ran some errands and then visited with Lori Beth and her kids. Then pu dinner at House of Gyros... our favorite!!!.. and headed to Linda's house. Spent the night and we were all up early and headed to Canton for their First Monday Trade Days. I had never been, Pat hasn't been in 15 years and Linda goes every year but in Oct. What fun it was!!!!! Found all kinds of goodies I really needed:) haha!!! Here is a like to their website so you can check it out: http://www.firstmondaycanton.com/ . We probably only went through maybe half of it and it took 6 hours so you could see why people come for more then one day. The weather was perfect! Since it was on a Friday it wasn't that crowded and SO SO many things to see!!! Thinking hubby and I may be heading there in Oct also:) Think he would enjoy seeing all the stuff they have... new items to junk:) FUN!!!! Then we stopped for a few errands on the way back and  had a wonderful supper that Linda prepared:) and a good night sleep after playing a few rounds of Quiddler. Then off to Allen on Saturday morning for the Make a Blanket Day... we received about 70 blankets:) An awesome day!!!. Then home except for the scheduled stop at Braums for ice cream:) We had no rain all weekend but overnight we have had almost 2 inches! Wow!

So needless to say not much got done this week but these:

Peggy brought me this one from a Dr she volunteers with every week. Yes it is blue jean legs sewed together and then blanket stitched onto the background fabric that is jean looking but not actually.

I quilted large diamonds in the background and then went back and added the hot pink variegated lines. The striped legs for straight lies in blue and pink and the floral got a big flower quilted in it with blue thread.

Used the same fabric for front and back and also bound it.
Really a great art piece! I like when I get unusual things to quilt:)

My wool Kitty candle mat is all finished:) Have had the kit for probably 2+ years... but it's done:)

Think the rain has stopped so might be a sunny day soon:)
I am home all week so have a custom custom quilt loaded and will start it tomorrow... should get done by the end of the week:)

My knee did very well except for up and down hill so am contemplating walking again..... Will see how I feel in the morning:)

Have a super awesome week!!!!


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