Happy October!!!!

Hard to believe the holiday season is swiftly approaching!!! At least we are having some cooler weather and even rain:) yea!

I had a customer ask me if I was getting burned out yet... I truthfully answered yes. It is like any thing that turns into a job instead of fun time all the time. The pressure to meet a quota to pay bills... esp the BCBS one:(  It seems that the insurance premium goes up every year and the quota goes up but the fun does not:( I know what you are all thinking... she is going to stop quilting for others soon... I plan to do this for as long as I am able to. I will stop when I don't feel like my quilting is good enough anymore.  Hopefully one day someone will find an insurance program or plan is more affordable. Mine is no longer available... I have had it for 6 years...so if I change withing BCBS I get a worse plan with higher deductible so I am in a catch 22 so to speak:(
I don't like Dr's as they always and I mean always find something wrong with me that essentially is just me. I am in tune to my body and pretty much know when I am overdoing or if something feels wrong. The only thing I really struggle with are allergies...  they are seasonal so no cure just making do. Yes I went to a Dr for them and no nothing they gave me helped... it is just a guessing game with them every season.
I am planning on taking an entire month off after the Christmas rush... no quilting even for me:) I think that might energize me:)
I do enjoy the quilting part of it all just not the business/quota part of it. So please keep sending those quilts... it just might take a bit longer but they will continue to be beautiful! I am not a machine but an artist:)

Ok enough of that! I always try to stay positive on here but I just wanted to put that out there so you know what I am struggling with right now..... Of course I could get into politics and the NFL but I think those subjects are pretty well covered with our lovely 24 hour news outlets! Oh and then there is family... yet another can of worms!!

Okay so I was home most of the week and did get some quilting done:) I have 18 on the list right now but I think I can get a few more squeezed in before Christmas esp ones that are just simple loops or meandering. I will also store your quilts for next year quilting:)

On with the fun:
First up is Dot's Friendship quilt. Her Friday group did exchange blocks with batik fabrics.

Had fun trying to quilt them all differently!

Her backing is an awesome use of leftovers!

This is also Dot's. It's a Christmas gift.

Just looped all over with a light grey thread.

She used Christmas fats all sewed together for the backing:)

Needed to get my 3 PL's quilted and out of here.

Pat picked out the backs... I quilted and trimmed... she will bind and get them to the kids:)

I just looped them all.

2 with pink and the last one with brown thread.

Like the backing on this one!

Might get to a boy?

Love this back also!

Elaine needed a baby quilt done rather quickly for a baby just born.

Just loops and hearts all over.

Sweet backing fabric.

My Millie only needs 2 more hexies and then I can start to sew the Rosette together and get started on number 2:)

I am still working on Sue Spargo birds... head aches have not helped with that at all:(
I am also working on a Bee embroidery quilt... have 2 blocks done.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Some followers have tried to leave a comment but it does not show up... I usually get an email if the comment is posted so I can keep or delete. If you do not see your comment please just email me at lecarter@hot.rr.comn or louster388@ yahoo.com
I So want to hear your thoughts! Wish I could figure out how to get that fixed! Thanks!


Lorna McMahon said…
Hello Lou! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog today and for your sweet comments. Sorry to hear you are also feeling a bit stressed. But you sound pretty upbeat in this post, so I hope the quilting is helping. You do beautiful work!

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